1. Tribute to ingenuity
A good knife for every chef to make better food.
2. Xinzuo focuses on high-end Damascus steel kitchen knives, adheres to the          concept of moving life with ingenuity, and creates amazing knives.
3. Brand introduction
    We are committed to building a global high-end Damascus steel kitchen knife      brand. is  a manufacturer and trader  specializing in the research, development and production of various kitchen  knives. We have a history of more than 20 years and are located in Yangjiang,     the capital of knife.
   While our products meet international quality standards, we have established       our own high-quality management system. Xin Zuo has the latest and most         advanced technology and design concepts, and is committed to researching       Damascus kitchen knives. We have conducted in-depth research on steel,           craftsmanship, blade cutting method, handle structure, blade thickness and         blade angle.
   After years of accumulation, Xinzuo kitchen knives have mastered the three         core technologies of Damascus knives, and continue to provide global                 consumers with high-quality, cost-effective professional kitchen knives. It is         precisely because of this spirit that Xinzuo knives are highly appreciated in           different markets around the world.
4. We believe that only truly excellent products can impress customers;                    abandon impetuousness and focus on the essence of being a knife.