XinZuo Designer

The design of the knife is the soul of a knife, and the designer is the creator of the soul of the knife.

Steve Cheng, XINZUO's designer, ss a knifemaker, commercial knife overseer and kitchen tool researcher, he spends most of his time involved in knife research and production, taking a more holistic approach, combining his research and experience with commercially applicable Modern materials, modern and traditional knives are studied all over the world.

Steve Zheng is a multi-talented person. In addition to his profession, he is also the founder of Xinzuo brand. His design focuses on the quality and reliability of knives. At the same time, he combines traditional Chinese seals and oracle bone inscriptions to create the "Letters" trademark with classical elegance. Xinzuo's products are produced in well-known manufacturers such as Lituo Composite Steel Knife Factory, to ensure the high standard of quality and reliability of Xinzuo knives.

Steve Cheng makes technology into art, perfects details, maintains ingenuity, firmly believes that details make good products, embellishes your life with ingenious design, and impresses your life with ingenious manufacturing.